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These are just some of the many 100's of testimonies of what God has done in people's lives, who will testify. Be blessed as you read what God has done for these people!!




The Bible says:

Matthew ch 18 v 19: I tell you the truth, if two of you agree on Earth about anything, it shall be done for you by my Father who is in Heaven.


Dear Pastor,


I wanted you to know what God has done for me since you prayed.  I trust that others who read this testimony will be encouraged by what God can do for them too!!


''I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the way He is using the ministry in which He has blessed you with for His Glory and working through you with the way in which you took the time to so kindly pray for me.


I am so thankful for the healing which I have received on my Right Hand.  I had for many years suffered with RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) in both hands, I am left handed and have had 2 operations (Carpel Tunnel Surgery) and Ulnar Nerve Decompression) on my left hand and arm, which has helped, but have been told by Doctors that my left hand and arm has a weakness possibly from Tenosynovitis which is not curable.  I had been having problems with my right hand and I had been informed that I needed Carpel Tunnel Surgery on the right hand too (this hand also had Tenosynovitis) so I was afraid of how weak it too might become.  Graham, you prayed for my healing on my right hand and Jesus has taken all the pain and numbness, and this hand is now stronger and better than I have known it in years!!  I was due to have surgery on this hand in August of this year, but since you prayed for me, the operation is cancelled, and in fact, this hand is now better than my left hand.'' 


In Christ

Brenda O'Hara


Bromley (England)



Dear Friend and Pastor,


Thank you so much for coming to visit me and my family and praying for me too.  My ears were blocked, I had gromits too, and I couldn't hear properly for a long time, years infact. The Doctors said I would need gromits, but even as I had them, when you prayed that I would hear, my ears popped open, and I can hear great now! I am very happy, and since you prayed for me, I have had no problems whatsoever, infact my hearing is great. I thank God that He brought you to my house to pray for me. Thank you, so much.




Falkirk (Scotland)



Dear Pastor,


I would like to encourage people who read this, that the power and reality of God is real!!  I say this because I have ''never'' looked back since the day you prayed for me. I was unable to go upstairs without having to sit in my room for at least half an hour before I could come back down again. After you prayed for me, I have been able to go up and downstairs, no problem, I was able to run brilliantly without any trouble and have been doing great ever since. anything which I couldn't do which caused me to be well out of breath, especially after going upstairs in the house or climbing any other staircases, I can do now, without a problem. I feel great! My friend, I had been told by the Doctors that I would just have to bear it, so to speak. Now, ''it's a different story!'' because of what God has done!! Thank you very much for your prayer support and being a blessing in my life. I continue to blessed since you prayed for me. I give God all the Glory.




Falkirk (Scotland)






My Dear Friend Pastor,


I have a testimony which I would like to share and encourage people with.  May I take this opportunity to share with people who read this that GOD IS REAL!!........Whatever your circumstances, my friend, you can let go and let God touch your life and He can and He will!!  You need to trust Him and let Him do it though.  Just look around the pages of this site to see how you can learn to know Him.  Pastor, you have some ministry music which I know will touch the lives of countless numbers of people who listen.  I know God can do it!!  I want to give God the Glory and testify to a time which you prayed for me and the following happened!!........


I was feeling unwell, so off I went to the Doctor's.  The Doctor suggested that after checking me out, I should see a ''cancer'' specialist!


I was then examined and a camera was inserted into me to examine the lower part of my body.  I must admit, this all came as a surprise, shock, to me.  However, I went through with it all.


Pastor, I called you up, and you prayed with me over the phone. You told me to touch the areas of my body which the Doctors at the Hospital were going to examine me........I listened to you, agreed with you in prayer, then the results came back ''CLEAR!!''


I was then told that I had Diabetes by the Doctors, again after being examined........Graham, again you prayed with me and after thorough checking around my body Doctors found nothing...CLEAR AGAIN!!


I had to go back to the Hospital for another examination as they said to me that after another x-ray, that a dark shadow had appeared on the top part of my chest, after a scan. (lung area)  I then had to go back to the Hospital, after you prayed for me, only to find that after another X-ray, NO CANCER WAS FOUND AT ALL ''TOTALLY CLEAR'' in every area of my body!!


You also prayed for my wife and as she had been on tablets, you said that the tablets would be decreased, then totally off them before Christmas this year (2011) The Doctor's report to her, was exactly that!!


My two daughters, which you lead to the Lord have seen God move straight away when you prayed........One of them is sleeping brilliantly now, infact, I had to go and waken her up the next morning. She had not slept like that in a long while. She sleeps great now!!  My oldest daughter had seen a move of God too.  Pastor, I know God is on the move powerfully, and just wanted to say ''a big thank you'' to you for being obedient to the call of God in your life.  I praise God.  


May God bless you as you minister and continue to pray for people around the World!




Mr Murphy









I want to thank God for the way that He uses you for His Glory, in the Healing Ministry, in which He has given you the gifting for, amongst other giftings too, which He has blessed you with.


Many years ago I had cancer, however was miraculousy healed by the power of God. Years later, I was seen by a Doctor who told me that I had to go for tests, they had said that they thought it had come back again.

Graham, you prayed for me the day before I went to get the tests in the hospital which would have clarified what the Doctor thought! You asked me to agree with you in prayer and by doing so, releasing my faith, as I am a born again Christian, that God would revitalise, and regenerate every part of my body, giving me great health and that my results would be clear.


I must testify that God completely healed me, I feel great and blessed, and the Doctors/Scans/

X Rays found ''nothing!'' Completely Clear!


Thank you for praying with me, and I know that God's timing is always perfect to bring that to be accomplished for His Glory, so that others may be blessed too, by releasing their faith in God, believing that He can touch their lives in a mighty way, giving them a miracle!!


May God continue to use you mightily for His Glory.


Yours Sincerely,


Mr J.W (West Lothian) Scotland 






Dear Pastor Graham,


I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that I know, that God moves powerfully through you! I have witnessed this, more than once with my own eyes several times you have prayed for me.  However, I would like to share this testimony which I believe will encourage many others to take the step of Faith with a coin which you told me to take. The result........Phenomenal!!


You asked me to hold a coin in my hand for a release in finances and believe God, by releasing my Faith and trust in Him, that within hours of praying, I would receive the blessing/breakthrough from God that would bring me, not only the favour of God, but the door that needed to be opened with favour, to make a great success of the project I had been working on.  The moment you finished praying, and I agreed with you (according to The Bible...Matthew ch 18 v 19) my phone immediately rang, with the people on the phone I had to speak to in relation to this business transaction. Within hours, I received the news that I had received the business deal of 35 Million!! This has a growing level of 105 Million and other opportunity of 70 Billion Euros in assetts in other business.    


''I wish you every blessing and God's richest blessings in your life in every way, as you continue in such a ministry for God, which I know and believe in my heart, is very real!'' 


May I take this opportunity to say to others who read this testimony and the many other ones too, that when you take the step of Faith, God will honour it when you believe and trust Him.


Every blessing,




East Midlands, U.K




Dear Pastor Graham,


I would just like to testify to answered prayer. God moves through you mightily. I saw this with my own eyes when I watched you on ''LIVE'' TV from Austria. You were praying, as I would call ''power prayer''


I am so greatful to God that you prayed for me, as my father, who I asked you to pray for, is much much better now, he was very ill. 


God is wonderful, and I thank Him for using you mightily.


Mrs Adelure  






These are just a few of the many many testimonies of what God has done in people's lives. There are many more to come.  Watch this space and be blessed........






                                                              GOD CAN DO IT FOR YOU TOO!



Why don't you take this step of faith with me now, and trust God to give you a financial miracle that you may need to have in your life!



''I declare and decree that as you reach out and stretch your Faith, that God will abundantly bless you as you touch these coins with me and agree. ''This is a touch point of contact'' We can use this as we agree together for a financial miracle In Jesus Mighty Name!''




(The tap with the water running into the glass represents   

                    ''O  V  E  R  F  L  O  W''


MATTHEW ch 18 v 19!! 

 ''If two of you shall agree about anything on Earth, it shall be done for you by our Father who is in Heaven''                                        



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